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Capture, redistribute and redirect rainwater

. . . aquatrek offers innovative solutions

Captures and diverts
cleaner water faster
and cheaper...

The most efficient solution
for diverting harvested
rainwater to:

  • Tanks

  • Gardens

  • Pools

The Supadiverta uses
superior syphonic drainage
for the neatest, most cost effective
and versatile method of diverting rainwater.


With advanced syphonic drainage that can drain through a 20mm PVC pipe at 60 litres per minute. This is equivalent to a steady 90mm of rain per hour falling on 40 sq metres of roof.

Diverts to storm water or a tank.

Stop stormwater overflows around your home, garage, carport, verandah, shed or commercial building.

Fits most flat bottom eaves gutters
Uses 20mm PVC class 12 pressure pipe
A fraction of the cost of fitting another downpipe
Easy to install
Uses  SUPADIVERTA technology
No power required
¾ the size of a D battery
UV stabilised

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